Letters – Sign thieves deny political supporters’ free speech


To the Editor:

Someone stole a political sign from my yard today – one stuck firmly in my property, far from the right-of-way.
Free yard signs are available from the local campaign headquarters of both political parties, located on the square. Why come into my yard to steal one that was particularly precious to me, since it was from the primary election and not

the November election?

I can tell from the news which campaign is stooping to low levels and negative ads. It’s sad to say that here in my own beloved Lockhart, people I may be meeting on the street are also sinking to such low levels.

It had no intrinsic value but it was mine. My Constitutional rights have been stolen, my yard sign has been stolen. Still I remain hopeful that my vote won’t be stolen.

I even have a very small hope that whoever took it will return it to my yard, my front porch, or, God forbid, have enough courage to knock on my door and return it personally to me.

Vicki Bryant


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