Letters – Victim Services seeks volunteers


To the Editor:
The Lockhart Police Department Victim Assistance Team (Victim Services) needs your help! We are a ten-year-old volunteer organization that assists victims of crime and other tragedies in the Caldwell County area. Like some volunteer groups, we have seen our numbers dwindle lately. In order to keep providing this important community service, we need compa

ssionate, dependable volunteers who are willing to help others in what could be the most challenging times of their life.
The City of Lockhart and Caldwell County emergency services may request victim services for a number of reasons; fire, domestic violence, assault and death notifications, to name a few. While we are not counselors, we can provide a list of resources that may be of assistance to those in need. We also help coordinate the Tree of Angels ceremony each December and assist with National Night Out. But the most important thing we do is provide a calm, caring and compassionate presence whenever we are dispatched.
Victim Services will be holding their next training session on Sept. 22, 2008. To volunteer, we ask you pass a background check, complete a 40-hour training course and commit to one year of service. If you would like an application or require more information, please email or .
Mary Beth Nickel
VAT, Lockhart


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