Lion J.V. lifters finish fourth


The Lockhart Lion junior varsity powerlifitng team competed in the Navarro Invitational Meet in Geronimo on Saturday, Jan. 29.
The Lions finished 4th with 27 points.

Competing for the lions were as follows:

Name wt. Class total place
John Squires 132 680lb5 3rd
Michael Villareal 165 830 Lbs 11th
Jr. Reyes 181 89

0lbs 6th
Nicholas Villareal 181 700 Lbs 9th
Kenny Anton 220 915 Lbs 5th
Cody Monsen 165 695 Lbs 16th
Mark Shelton 165 1170 Lbs 1st
Derrick Harris 275 1020 Lbs 1st
Joe Woodworth shw 1170 lbs 2nd

Highlights of meet:

Derrick Harris went 400 in both squat and deadlift

Joe Woodworth is the 1st lion to break the 300 barrier on the bench at 305 lbs.

Mark Shelton was named best lifter of the meet with a total of 1170 lbs and weighing 165.5 lbs.

All the Lions did a great job of lifting. Coach Parker and Coach Brock are very proud of all the lifters.

The Lockhart Lion varsity boys and girls will compete in the Dripping Springs Meet on Sat. Feb. 5th at Dripping Springs High School gym.


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