Lions’ Lair – It’s not real, anyway


Compare if you will, the Matrix and the Twilight Zone to school. It”s not that difficult to draw parallels. In all three, we find people that are caught in a world that is neither real, nor fake. Crafted by the minds that are trapped by it. Like the Matrix, school is dependent on our involvement in the system. High school was created just to meet the needs of teenagers, but

the teenagers who participate are sometimes “trapped” inside, caught up in the fuss of it all. Now and then, it is debated whether these institutions are working for the betterment of the people or not, but one thing is certain, they could not exist without us.
Going to school in the morning is like walking into the Twilight Zone. Teenagers don”t use logic, and we know it. What use would logic be in the small world we have created for ourselves? There is more fun without it. High school mimics real life just enough to lull us into a false sense of security, then throws us a curve ball. Take clothes for example, if we were going to an interview in the “real” world we would want to look decent. However, in school clothes are still important but, if we can pull it off, the goal is to look somewhat insolent. We put weird twists on life everywhere just for our entertainment. This stuff rocks!
There are special rules in each awkward dimension of our lives. The trick is learning which rules you have to follow. One setback is that if you”re not on the “outside” of the system it”s hard to determine what”s real and what is made up. The scary thing is, every now and then we forget that we are the ones that created the guidelines that hold us in the first place. Some kids fly effortlessly within the confines of this make-believe world, finding creative ways to manipulate people and circumstances and thriving within the system. Why not? We created it and we have a whole staff and system devoted to just our crazy and demanding needs. This is where stuff starts to get fun.
People everywhere are telling us what to do. The funny thing is, they think we actually have to do it! The joke is on them, this is your life, and you are the one who chooses to comply with the people you encounter every day. Riddle me this, what is it that actually keeps us coming back each day? Sure we say that we want an education plus parents make us go, but true to theme, let”s get real here. The thing that keeps you coming back each morning is yourself. Do your parents drug you each morning and drop you off on the principals doorstep? They might like to, but no – we say “ok,” and take our sorry butts to school. Ultimately everything is our own choice – we should do what we want in school because we can make it better for everyone. It”s not rebellion, it”s the betterment of our young existence. But who cares? It”s not real anyway.


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