Lions’ Nino wins Kiwanis Stampede


Mason Nino, a senior at Lockhart High School, was the overall winner at the 18th annual Kiwanis Stampede 5K on April 27.

The event had 206 runners. Nino finished in 17:51.87, beating runner-up and LHS freshman Ethan Herrera by more than 38 seconds. LHS freshman Ivan Gonzales placed third,

Other current LHS student-athletes placed in the top 10 with senior Cole Frey taking 5th, sophomore Paul Munoz 7th, and senior Nathan Peralez 9th.

Chris West placed 10th. He graduated in 2005 from Lockhart High School, winning the state cross country title, as well as the 1600-meters and 3200-meters in track.

The Stampede had 110 male and 96 female finishers.

Austin’s Karen Saenz won the women’s division and placed 8th overall. Three Lockhart runners claimed the 2-4 positions with Yvonna Garcia runner-up, Kaelyn Garcia 3rd, and Leticia Plaza 4th.

Kiwanis Stampede

April 27

5K Overall

Top 50 (of 206)

Mason Nino (Lockhart), 17:51.87

Ethan Herrera (Lockhart), 18:30.04

Ivan Gonzales (Lockhart), 18:45.89

Irving Ferretiz (Lockhart), 18:55.88

Cole Frey (Lockhart), 19:02.88

Johnny Castanon (Lockhart), 19:24.04

Paul Munoz (Lockhart), 19:56.53

Karen Saenz (Austin), 19:58.42

Nathan Peralez (Lockhart), 20:10.01

Christopher West (Lockhart), 20:11.60

Zack Shuda (San Marcos), 20:30.70

Chase Shuda (San Marcos), 20:20:49.17

Eric Gilbertson (San Marcos), 20:51.33

Keaton Archer (Maxwell), 21:01.72

Sam Regonini (San Marcos), 21:04.33

Yuri Ellmes (Lockhart), 21:08.62

Matthew Veloz (Kyle), 21:15.08

Michael Glendenning (Driftwood).21:16.52

Jason Canale (Austin), 21:16.83

Rio Morgan Mata (Lockhart), 21:26.25

Connor Zea (Lockhart), 21:45.22

John Kazmierski (Austin), 21:55.39

Jace Ramsey (Lockhart) 22:07.49

Uriah Johnson (San Marcos), 22:15.41

Eli Estrada (Lockhart), 22:45.76

Isaac Wiegman (San Marcos), 22:48.29

Javan Gage Melendez (Buda), 22:51.28

Phillip Felan (Kyle), 22:53.31

Michael Ramirez (Kyle), 22:57.85

Jimmy McIntire (Bastrop), 23:07.11

Michael Mendez (Lockhart), 23:33.31

Jaxen Parra (Lockhart), 23:41.67

Francisco Reyes Jr. (Luling), 23:54.99

Kenley Figueroa (Kyle), 23:58.68

Clayton Carlisle (San Marcos), 24:06.33

Edward Arana (Lockhart), 24:11.21

Hector Rodriguez (Lockhart), 24:11.72

Trevor Black (Austin), 24:34.93

Matthew Orr (San Marcos), 24:59.78

Yvonne Garcia (Lockhart), 24:59.97

Jackson Isley (Luling), 25:00.99

Justus Woytkewicz (Lockhart), 25:05.48

Todd Crosby (Kyle), 25:10.16

Alex Mercado (Lockhart), 25:16.75

Robert Duran (San Marcos), 25:28.87

Wyatt Sharphorn (Austin), 25:33.21

Josiah Lopez (Lockhart), 25:41.24

Kaelyn Garcia (Lockhart),25:43.03

Ethan Gamez (Lockhart), 25:50.65

Ruben Arteaga (San Marcos), 25:52.88

Women (top 10)

Karen Saenz (Austin), 19:58.42

Yvonne Garcia (Lockhart), 24:59.97

Kaelyn Garcia (Lockhart), 25:43.03

Leticia Plaza (Lockhart), 26:08.18

Amanda Walker (San Marcos),26:30.68

Ana Galvez (Lockhart), 27:09.23

Courtney Ramirez (Lockhart), 287:20.09

Linsey Shuda (San Marcos), 27:34.91

Isabel Aguilar (Lockhart), 28:34.17

Carol Archer (Maxwell), 28:40.78


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