Trucks rolling with changes in Lockhart


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

With the grace period having ended, Lockhart City Police can now enforce traffic stops on large trucks and truck and trailer combinations within its city limits if the non-approved vehicles do not use a designated truck route.

The new ordinance prohibiting non-approved vehicles was approved according to Lockhart Police Chief Gary Williamson by the Lockhart City Council in July 2022, but the city could not enforce the new routes until TxDOT installed its signage. Those signs were installed in March 2024.

“The truck ordinance prohibits the operation of large trucks or truck and trailer combinations in the City on any road other than a designated truck route,” Chief Williamson said. “There are exceptions, such as a truck delivering goods or services locally, pick-up trucks or vans designed to carry loads no more than one ton, passenger vehicles, emergency vehicles, implements of husbandry (machinery for the cultivation of plants or animals), trash and/or recycling collection service vehicles, road maintenance equipment, government owned or leased vehicles, motor homes, and recreational vehicles used exclusively to transport personal possessions or family members.”

Trucks that do not meet the exemptions listed on the ordinance are required to take designated truck routes.

Despite the grace period having expired, officers still have discretion whether they choose to issue a citation or warning.

“Typically, an officer will write a warning for first-time offenders,” Chief Williamson said. “Subsequent stops would lead to a citation, which would be a fine of up to $500.”


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