Lockhart Aero Modelers fly high on Father’s Day


By Alonzo Garza

The Lockhart Aero Modelers Club of Lockhart, Texas is flying higher than ever and keeps soaring to new heights since their first flight back in 2001. The club has been going strong thanks to members and club officers like Sherman Lindsay, Ken Mosher and Pete Clendennen. who continue to offer the Lockhart community a great place for

some good clean fun.
Sunday, June 17 was more than just a regular Father’s Day Sunday to some local die-hard model airplane enthusiasts. First and foremost, it was a Sunday and Sundays are fly days if the sun is out and the sky is clear and it was “good to go” on both accounts. Sure, it threatened to rain a couple of times but it never did so. The lawnmowers were cranked on and operated at semi-top speed to get the runway and landing strip mowed down before 9 a.m. in preparation for the day’s flying. About eight Lockhart Aero Modelers showed up one or two at a time, for what turned out to be a absolutely beautiful day for flying, twirling and gliding. The temperature was a bit hot but bearable. Flying high on Father’s Day. Now, who could ask for anything more?
The Lockhart Aero Modelers is a non-profit club interested in promoting the development, construction and, of course, the flying of model airplanes.
They are proud to say that they are a family oriented, drug and alcohol free club open to all ages. And they do mean all ages. Grandmas, grandpas, moms and dads are strongly encouraged to bring their children out to the Sunday fly days. A whole lot of training flights go on during the day and the ten to twelve spectators present enjoyed the opportunity to participate in flights.
Club membership for 2007 includes Lloyd Carpenter of Dale, J.D. Clendennen of Lytton Springs, Pete Clendennen of Bastrop, Sonny Clendennen of Lytton Springs, John Dunham of Cedar Creek, James Erwin of Smithville, Michael Flint of Cedar Creek, George Harris of Bastrop, Bill Knesek of Austin, Sherman Lindsay of Buda, Guy Maiorka of Lockhart, Daryl McCloskey of Bastrop, Kenneth Mosher of Gonzales, Tom Prescott of Lockhart, Sid Wiekel of Harwood and Chad Williams of Dale.
The club meets every first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Sirloin Stockade to go over general business. They also meet almost every Sunday to fly.
The only reason they wouldn’t meet on a Sunday is because of the weather. If weather permits, you can be sure that they will be out there flying their favorite planes and learning new tricks so they can amaze any prospective spectators.
In fact, they welcome and encourage folks to come out and see the fancy flying. If you’re lucky, you may even get to try your hand at flying a model airplane yourself. Who knows, you may find yourself joining the club after just one flight.
If you do find yourself “hooked” to flying model airplanes, they have an on-site hobby shop and even training by qualified instructors available. These guys are serious about flying model airplanes and passing on their enthusiasm and love for their hobby.
In fact, Pete Clendennen and Ken Mosher did an outstanding job of teaching some willing children by demonstrating all the safety precautions needed to fly and taking them out for a trial flight after their brief introduction to the art of flying a model airplane. The children enjoyed themselves but, more importantly, the teachers passed on their skills and love of flying model airplanes.
Just in case you are starting to think that you need to be child to enjoy the flying, remember that the club encourages the entire family to participate and enjoy all aspects of the club and its aim. The club insists that it is never too late or too early to participate. According to the club, “Age is a state of mind” and it is their mission to “have as much fun as possible on any given flying day” and that sure sounds like it includes everybody.
The Lockhart Aero Modelers meet at the Harry Lange Field located on the corner of Hwy 20 and County Road 160. The field is just outside of Lockhart heading east toward Bastrop on Hwy 20. You can’t miss it. They have a big sign out there and you will not be able to miss the planes flying above the open field.
The club is having a Family BBQ Day on Sunday, July 8. Three fun filled fly events are scheduled and again, as a family oriented club, the entire family is encouraged to attend. “Mark your calendars,” said Mosher. “And plan to bring your family for a day of good eats and fun flying”
Like most Sundays, the club is flying their model airplanes from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
See you at Harry Lange Field.


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