McCoy’s planning on becoming a Lockhart staple for years to come


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

After years of being ”bugged” to come to Lockhart, McCoy’s Building Supply is in the process of doing so, holding a groundbreaking last week at its new site – 1600 S. Colorado Street, the former home of Cars America.

While there is no official target date to open at the moment, a spokesperson at McCoy’s said it would likely be in the spring of 2024.

President and CEO, Meagan McCoy, and her father, Chairman Brian McCoy, were among a plethora of McCoy’s representatives as well as leaders from Lockhart on hand for the groundbreaking ceremony.

“I do not think we could be more excited to be building on this site,” Meagan McCoy said. “It has been a wonderful beginning for what we hope will be decades and decades of bringing trust to the community.

“We are in front of a lot of communities as we continue to grow and it’s just not an overstatement to say that y’all are incredible stewards of your history and at the same time growing in a way where you stay true to who you are.”

The Lockhart location will be among 85 McCoy’s stores (across three states – Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma). The business purchased 12.8 acres on the corner of South Colorado Street and Bufkin Lane. The east side of the property is next to the Lockhart police Department.

“We don’t typically have a lot of issues that require a lot of involvement with the police department, but it’s nice when you can share a fence line with the police department,” Meagan McCoy said. “That gives us a little added security.”

Meagan McCoy thanked several individuals with the city and said Economic Development Director Mike Kamerlander had been insistent of the San Marcos-headquartered company to open a store in Lockhart.

“Mike has been nagging me to get to Lockhart for a long time,” Meagan McCoy said. “It’s our intention to be doing things for the really long term. When we come to a community it’s because we want to be here for the next 30, 40, 50 years. We want your community to be proud to have a McCoy’s here. We want to do our part to earn our respect and trust. What’s super special about Lockhart in particular is we have a number of McCoy’s team members who are community members of Lockhart.”

McCoy’s will have a full-service lumberyard along with a large, covered, drive-thru and a fleet of delivery trucks. The interior retail area will be arranged according to McCoy’s easy-in, easy-out design and will offer tools, paint, household essentials, and more.

Construction of its 25,300 square foot building will include a large, covered drive-thru lumberyard, a fleet of delivery trucks, and an interior retail area that will offer tools, paint, and other household essentials.

McCoy’s has been in San Marcos for 50 years but has been in business for more than 95 years. Meagan McCoy said third- and fourth-generation family members are running the business today.

Meagan McCoy said the Lockhart store’s façade will be a first-time venture for the business, with hopes of honoring the community of Lockhart with its design, “even though we’re not quite downtown.”

Several community leaders briefly addressed McCoy’s for moving to Lockhart:

* Lockhart Mayor Lew White: “I want to compliment the McCoy family and the McCoy’s team. Your enthusiasm is very infectious. McCoy’s has such a fine history and sense of family and community. We are so glad you chose the City of Lockhart.”

* Lockhart Economic Development Director Mike Kamerlander: “They’re truly all-in. You’re not been in business since 1927 by making dumb business choices. You’re gonna be a big part of our growth.”

* Winn Smith, Chairman if the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce: “We’re so excited to have you. You’ve enriched 85 communities and we are so lucky to be on that list.”

* Jonathan Gonzales, Chairman of the Greater Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce: “It’s truly a groundbreaking moment, not only for McCoy’s but for the community of Lockhart and Caldwell County as a whole. Now that McCoy’s is going to be part of our community, our honey-do lists can finally get done. I hope you are here to stay forever.”

Finally, McCoy’s Chairman Brian McCoy addressed the crowd, noting it has always been the business model to invest and support good causes, and he specifically noted Pegasus School for being such a cause.

Also, Brian McCoy said he has been reading the book “The Trail Drivers of Texas.”

“They were driving herds up the Chisholm Trail,” Brian McCoy said. “I was thinking about this open space that’s still open right now in 2023. Because we’re not far from water, I’m pretty sure 150 years ago there would have been cattle all over here about to head up the trail.

“Thank you for receiving us so warmly. We’ll work hard to be good citizens here.”

Meagan McCoy said the Lockhart location would begin hiring a store manager in a couple of months along with many of its team members.

McCoy’s will be open six days per week and is always closed on Sunday.


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