Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is quickly approaching (the 13th, that’s THIS SUNDAY, eep!) and, if you’re like me, you love your Mama more than anything in the world, but don’t have a ton of time to put into shopping. I mean, I don’t even have time to shop at one of our awesome local businesses, so I went on Amazon and found a few great gift ideas for the special lady who birthed me in a house in Wyoming 35 years ago and still calls to remind me to eat my veggies and take my vitamins. Hopefully she won’t see this until after the holiday…


Succulents are SUPER EASY

She doesn’t need more responsibilities than you already give her, keep it simple with some succulents


Since she decided to bare not one, but two children at home, she’s totally wrapped up in Call the Midwife. Season Seven is out now…


A Simple Potato Peeler

This peeler is only $1.69.

Get her to ditch that ancient metal potato peeler that’s been turning her hand into a formidable claw for years.

You’re never going to get her to stop taking photos of everything you do with her phone, may as well help her out with a sweet wide angle lens attachment, starting at $15.99



It comes in a million colors

Bring the obnoxious family fun OUT of the house, and get wild anywhere with this fancy microphone that has bumping built-in dual speakers.
She can record her next big hit, and even pull in strangers and make new friends with a portable Karaoke Mic. Only $30.99



A book called Bossypants. Which could imply that you think she’s bossy, but they put the title really small and emphasized Tina, so you should be good.

And it’s available on Kindle



A portable easel, for her to paint all those pictures of you she’s been taking

And last, but totally not least:


Who doesn’t want avocado socks, amiright?

Amazon does some kinda next day shipping magic most of the time, so you can probably get your order in now and still have time to wrap it all up and write her a card. Happy Mother’s Day!



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