Nathan Oran de Graffenried


Nathan Oran de Graffenried, 75, passed away on Monday September 20th, 2021.
Originally from Beaumont, Texas, born on January 3rd, 1946 to Nathan Bloom and Bessie Imogene, he was blessed to have a strong and loving sister and family to help him as he grew up.
Going on to graduate from Lamar University, he went on to become an avid entrepreneur, building several businesses over a span of decades. Ending with de Graffenried Motor Company, who he built with his former wife Karron Ann de Graffenried amongst a few businesses, she was of the upmost support in those times and was irreplaceable. 
He was a loyal father to his children, Sumer de Graffenried/Duncan and Taylor Ryan de Graffenried and he will sorely be missed by them both.
He is preceded in death by his parents; Nathan Bloom and Bessie Imogene and Loving sister Gay Nelle w/ husband Carl Gillespie.Survived in death by his children; daughter Sumer w/ Husband Randon and Son Taylor Ryan; Former wife Karron Ann; Grand children Oliver and Addison, Niece Sherri w/ husband Kenny PrestenBach and Nephew Mike Gillespie w/ wife Catherine. Great Niece Michelle w/ husband Lynn Everett, Great Nephew Arron Mcintosh . He also has had a childhood friendship with Joe Chimeno w/ wife Cynthia that has lasted a lifetime. 

Last but most definitely not least Charlie Brown, his loyal Chihuahua breed companion.


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