New LHS addition to allow for more room than originally planned


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

The addition to Lockhart High School following last year’s passing of a bond was expected to add greatly needed room to handle the bulge in student population. As it turns out, it will add more capacity for students than expected.

Lockhart ISD Superintendent Mark Estrada said the original plan was to add room for 500 additional students. However, Rory Estes, Senior Associate and Project Director of VLK Architects, said at last week’s groundbreaking ceremony on site, the two-story, 36,000-square foot edition to LHS will provide an additional 625 seats as well as 19 classrooms in the new science and academic wing. Estes added that there would be three state-of-the art science labs with prep rooms and six dedicated science classrooms.

“These spaces will provide flexibility not only in seating configurations to reflect current learning trends, but also to allow for interchanging curriculums in the future,” Estes said. “These additions will allow the campus to increase capacity by 625 students.”

Also, there will be a 4,000-square foot addition to the cafeteria that will focus primarily on additional seating.

“We will also be reconfiguring the cafeteria to eliminate the tiered floor by leveling it out to gain efficiency,” said Estes. “We anticipate the cafeteria seating capacity to increase from 660 seats to 1,100 seats when complete. Lastly, the 2,300-square foot fine arts addition will be constructed adjacent to the existing fine arts spaces and will include a large practice and recording room for music. We will also be providing additional storage for music, uniforms, and instruments.”

The Roaring Lion Band as well as the high school choir performed for guests at the groundbreaking ceremony.

Core Construction, which will build the additions, is the nation’s second largest builder of K-12 schools.

“We are positioned to do the absolute best for Lockhart,” said Megan Stevens, Director of Marketing for Core Construction. Stevens introduced several of Core Construction team members on hand.

Lockhart ISD School Board President Michael Wright thanked the community for passing the bonds last year.

“We’re on time; we’re on budget,” Wright said. “I think that’s exciting. There’re a lot of exciting things happening in Lockhart. I think we’re really getting a lot of bang for our money.”

Estrada said he was very proud of that the school district had kept his word to the voting community.

“What’s so important for our community is that the promises we made are going to be kept,” Estrada said.

Estes said his architectural firm planned the additions with education in mind.

“The project we’re highlighting today is more than just brick and mortar,” Estes said. “It’s a place where learning will be celebrated, a place to enhance the educational experience, and a place where the students of Lockhart are prepared for the next chapter in their lives.”


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