Special Olympians shine at Lions Stadium


By Anthony Collins

Lockhart’s Lions Stadium was the epicenter for the first District Track Meet of almost 100 Special Olympic Student Athletes from Lockhart ISD, Hays CISD, Gonzales ISD, and Bastrop ISD. The teams came together to compete, inspire, and provide unwavering support for one another.

The atmosphere at the stadium was vibrant and teeming with energy as the dedicated athletes showcased their talents. From various walks of life, these student-athletes have converged, forming a powerful bond united by their teachers and community. As they take on challenges and push their limits, their determination serves as a source of motivation, fueling each other’s journey to greatness.

Emylie Shinto, Head of Delegation for the LISD Special Olympics, expressed her deep sense of inspiration from the overwhelming support extended by the LISD and the numerous individuals who have stepped forward to volunteer their time and efforts. The outpouring of support and volunteerism has not only motivated Shinto but has also reinforced her belief in the power of community involvement and the positive influence it can have on the lives of the student-athletes participating in the Special Olympics.

Shinto also highlighted that Todd Moebes has taken extra measures to ensure that he is visible and actively involved with the athletes, providing them unwavering support ever since he joined Lockhart ISD as the Athletic Director.

Additionally, Shinto further emphasized the athletes possess the same qualities and abilities as any other athletes within the district. It is important to acknowledge their remarkable capabilities, which may often go unnoticed by many individuals. It is in this pursuit of pushing themselves beyond their limits that they truly find fulfillment and profound satisfaction.


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