Waylon and Willie and many more ready to take stage at Junior Livestock Show


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

The Caldwell County Junior Livestock Show will be Feb. 29-March 2 at the Fair Association grounds.

Page Bielamowicz, the 4-H County Extension Agent for Caldwell County, and Elsie Lacy, Family and Community Health Agent for the county, brought along several guests at last week’s Lockhart Chamber of Commerce luncheon who spoke of their experiences with 4-H and the Junior Livestock Show.

Lockhart High School sophomore Emory Burton, 16, said she had been a part of 4-H since she was in the third grade.

“A few years ago, I got interested in showing livestock,” Burton said. “I convinced my parents to let me show rabbits. This year they finally caved in and let me show sheep. I put in all the hard work and used my own money. I learned a lot of experiences and had a lot of lessons. I’ve learned patience.

“I’m very excited to show this year at the Caldwell County Junior Livestock Show. I hope you can make it out. Make sure to check out Waylon and Willie, my sheep.”

Colton Hutchins said he has been showing sheep and goats for seven years.

“I spend so many countless hours in the barn every day,” said Hutchins, a junior at LHS. “Besides basketball, I spend all of my time in the barn.”

LHS senior Trent Holcomb has been a part of the Lions’ football program, but he has also found time to show animals at the Junior Livestock Show for about 10 years. He has shown steers, lambs and goats, but said he has more experience showing pigs and rabbits.

“I go to school all day, come home, work my pigs probably 30 minutes to an hour every day,” Holcomb said. “I love it. It’s awesome. It’s teaching me so many good memories and also teaching me so many life lessons that I’ll continue to have throughout the rest of my life.”

Catherine Staton, a Lockhart High senior shows steers and lambs and has done so for four years.

“Every day after I go to school, I go work my lambs, then I go over to my steers,” Staton said.

It was noted that at the 2023 Caldwell County Junior Livestock Show, 94 projects were sold for more than $366,000.


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