Buffaloes outpower Lions in three


By Alonzo Garza

The Clemens Buffaloes charged in and took no prisoners at LHS gym on Friday, Feb. 2. All three of the boy”s basketball teams were left scratching their heads at the end of each game as if they did not know what hit them. A charging stampede of Buffaloes made jerky out of Lion pride and left the scores to prove it. The Varsity team

tried their very best to stay in the game but ended with a tough loss and a score of 71-56. The Junior Varsity team started off doing well and leading the scoring in both the first and the second quarter. The JV ended up losing the lead and the game in the third and fourth quarter. Their final score was 53-38. Both teams lost by 15 points. The freshman team was the worst casualty of the night. They were blindsided by the Buffaloes and showed no mercy on the court. The Buffaloes buried the freshman Lions 90-39.

Despite their best efforts, the Varsity Lions could not get through the Buffalo defense as much as they would have wanted to and even though played well against a tough opponent, the Lions could not find the game they needed. The high scorers of the night were Terrance Waldon with 16 points and Michael Schulle with 13 points. The rest of the game points came from Brandon Hodges and Dustin Garza each with six points, Clayton Parker and Kerry Lampkin each with five points and Alex Joseph with three points.
The first quarter came as a rude awakening to the Lions. They were able to add 15 points to the scoreboard; unfortunately the Buffaloes put 20 points on the scoreboard for their team ending the scoring in the first at 20-15. Scoring in the first quarter for the Lions were Waldon with a three-pointer and a pair of two-pointers, Hodges and Lampkin with a two-pointer and a free throw each and Michael Schulle with two free throws.
The second quarter was a slight improvement for the Lions. Sort of, they lost the quarter by four points as opposed to five points. Still the Buffaloes kept scoring more than the Lions and the point spread kept growing. The Buffaloes scored 17 points in the second with the Lions scoring only 13 points. The score at the end of the first half was 37-28. Scoring for the Lions in the second quarter were Waldon with a three-pointer and two free throws, Hodges with a two-pointer and a free throw, Lampkin with two free throw, Garza with a two-pointer and Schulle with a free throw.
The halftime break helped the Buffaloes get back into the game with a hunger to win. The Lions were a little slower coming back from break. They added 12 points in the third quarter while the Buffaloes added 19 points to their score. The score at the end of the third quarter was 56-40. Scoring in the third came from Garza with a couple of two-pointers for a total of four points, Waldon and Joseph each with a three-pointer and Schulle with two free throws.
The Lions outscored the Buffaloes in the last quarter, but only by one point. The Lions added 16 points to the final score while the Buffaloes added only 15 additional points. The final score in the game was a whopping 71-56. Scoring in the final quarter came from Schulle with three two-pointers and two free throws for a total of eight points, Parker with a three-pointer and a two-pointer for a total of five points, Gonzales with two free throws and Waldon with one free throw.

Junior Varsity
The Junior Varsity Lions team lost the game in the second half. The Lions were ahead during the first two quarters of the game and then hit a wall of Buffaloes in the third quarter and the game was history. The Lions would have remained completely scoreless in the third quarter if it hadn”t been for a miraculous three-pointer by M. Martinez. The highest scorers in the game were Ryan Carrasco with three two-pointers and three three-pointers for a total of 15 points and Jeremiah Johnson with three two-pointers and four free throws for a total of 10 points. The rest of the points in the game came from Gonzales with four points, M. Martinez with three points, Brumley and Torrez with two points each and finally, C. Martinez and Rodriguez with one free throw each.
The first quarter was productive for the JV Lions. They put 14 points on the board for themselves and allowed only eight points for the Buffs. The Lions shined during the first. Scoring for the Lions were Gonzales with a couple of two-pointers, Johnson with a two-pointer and two free throws and Carrasco, Brumley and Torrez with a two point shot each.
The scoring in the first quarter ended with a 14-8 score and the Lions ahead.
The Buffaloes charged onto the court with boldness during the second quarter. They piled on 14 points for their team and allowed the Lions only 10 points for their score. Scoring in the second quarter came from Carrasco with two three-point shots for a total of six points and Johnson with a two point shot and two free throws. The quarter ended with a close score of 24-22 and the Lions still ahead.
The JV Lions were lifeless during the third quarter. The came out of the halftime break with no game whatsoever while the Buffaloes played their best quarter of the game. The Buffs added 16 points to their score and the Lions responded with an out of the blue three-point bucket. Scoring in the third came from M. Martinez. Score ended at 38-27.
The final quarter of the game was played with a little more spirit. The Lions added 11 points to their score while the Buffaloes added 15 points to theirs. The game ended with the Buffaloes beating the Lions 53-38.

The freshman team did not begin to play basketball until the second half of the game. Even if they had played a little basketball during the first and second quarter, I”m not sure they would have been able to keep up with the herd of freshman Buffalo that came to play. The freshman scored only six points in the first quarter and only three points in the second quarter. The highest scoring freshman was Brian Martinez with 15 points, Joseph Gonzales with nine points and Karl Greiger with seven points. The other points came from C. James with four points, G. McAfee with three points and D. Watkins with one point.
The first quarter ended with a score of 18-6. J. Gonzales made a three-pointer, C. James made two free throws and G. McAfee made one free throw.
The second quarter ended with a score of 37-9. The only three points made in the quarter were made by Greiger. He made a two point shot and a free throw.
The third quarter ended with a score of 59-23. Martinez made three three-point shots, Greiger made two two-point shots and Gonzales made a free throw.
The fourth quarter was the highest scoring quarter for the Lions with 16 points. Unfortunately the fourth was also the highest scoring quarter for the Buffaloes with 31 points. The final score of the game was 90-39. Scoring for the Lions in the fourth were Martinez with two three-pointers for a total of six points, Gonzales with a three-pointer and two free shots for a total of five points, James and McAfee with a two point shot each and D. Watkins made his only contribution with a free throw.
Please come out and support your teams. The Lions will play New Braunfels at the Lions” Den on Friday, Feb. 9. Keep checking out the lockhart-locals website and see you at the game.


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