County Unit Road Crew adding five jobs


Caldwell County is adding five new Unit Road Crew positions after voting to bring the county mowing back in-house. The new crew members will be responsible for mowing all 427 miles of county roads, bringing the head count for the unit to 25.

The money needed to pay for the new jobs comes after voting unanimously to terminate the mowing contract with H & H Enterprises, a move the Commissioners Court said was necessary.

“We’ve had three cycles of outside mowing contractors, none of which have turned out very well,” Caldwell County Judge Hoppy Haden said at the November 24th meeting.

The $260,000 already allocated in this year’s budget for H & H Enterprises will now be used to create the five new Unit Road crew positions. When the new hires are not mowing, they will pick up litter, patch potholes, and cut brush, giving them year-round employment.

“I think it will be a better situation for the county, and a better use of taxpayer money,” Judge Haden said.

The move not only creates new jobs for residents, but it also gives the county some much-needed accountability over the mowing.

“We can supervise the job that’s being done out there and hold them accountable,” Commissioner Barbara Shelton said at the meeting. “With contractors, we don’t have the liberty to do so. In all, this is going to be a benefit for our county.”

The Unit Road Crew will use equipment already owned by the county, resulting in no new expenditures, at least for this fiscal year.

Interested applicants can apply on the Caldwell County website, fill out an application in-person on the first floor of the County Courthouse in Lockhart, or at the Unit Road Offices at 1700 FM 2700 in Lockhart.


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