Freshman Lions still undefeated after seven games


By Alonzo Garza

The Freshmen Lions continue to dominate the football field both at home and away. After winning their seventh game of the season, they have earned a perfect record to date.

The Lions defeated the Hays Rebels 32-20 at Lion Field on Thursday, Oct. 16.

“We knew Hays was going to give us one last shot at the end to try t

o give us our first loss of the season, but our kids took their best punch and kept their composure to keep this undefeated season going.” Freshmen Coach Gilbert Sandoval said.

The Lions wasted little time letting the rival Rebels know who was in charge.
The first quarter began with a 60-yard touchdown run by D’Javonte Hedspeth who swept left and ran down the sideline to the end zone for a 6-0 score at 4:09. The extra point kick failed.

A second touchdown by Hedspeth happened at the two-minute mark with a sweep to the right and a 3-yard run. The extra point kick was good for a 13-0 score.
Hays fumbled a ball and recovered it at 1:08. With 56 seconds to go in the first, Hays earned a first down at the 46-yard line, but was stopped in their tracks by the Lion defense. The first quarter ended at 13-0 with the Lions on top.

The second quarter had the Rebels
punting early and the Lions taking over at their own 12-yard line at 7:38.
Joseph Bell, who had 20 carries for more than 100 yards fumbled the ball at 6:32.
Hays took over at 5:40 and was given 15 yards after an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against the Lions. At 5:12 Hays decided to throw a pass and Hedspeth missed a potential interception for an incomplete pass.

The Rebels scored at 3:42 with a short touchdown run by the Hays quarterback. A two-point conversion attempt failed for a score of 13-6.

Hays kicked to the Lions for a Lockhart first-and-ten at the 46-yard line. Hedspeth and Bell carried for first downs. Lions called a time out with 58 seconds to go in the half. After gaining more yards, the Lions called a second time out with 41 seconds left to play.
Hedspeth picked up a first-and-goal with 28 seconds remaining and Bell rushed in for a touchdown with only four seconds left in the half. A dropped snap forced the Lions to run the ball off sides. The 13-play drive ended the first half at 19-6.

“During the half we told the kids not to let up because Hays is a dangerous team,” Sandoval said.

The Lions returned to the field determined to keep pressure on the Rebels during the second half. They succeeded by scoring the first touchdown at 8:18 in the third quarter.

Bell made a 9-yard touchdown run on a second-and inches play and Hedspeth kicked the field goal for a score of 26-6.

The Rebels took control of the ball after the Lions kicked to them. Hays pushed hard, moving from the 16-yard line to the 56-yard line with at least four first downs, but at 5:08 the Lions put the brakes on them and took possession of the ball. Both teams continued to fight for the ball, but neither could score. The third ended at 26-6.

The Rebels charged into the fourth quarter with a vengeance, scoring a touchdown with a pass in the first seconds of the quarter. A two-point conversion attempt was good for a score of 26-14.

At 4:29 the Rebels scored again for a 26-20 score and plenty of time to change the outcome of the game.

Fortunately for the Lions, Hedspeth made a 26-yard carry to the 2-yard line with one minute left in the game. Bell rushed in for a final touchdown with 49 seconds to spare. The game ended at 32-20 and a perfect 7-0 record for the Freshman Lions.

“We are all so proud of the effort they showed on the field,” Sandoval said “This was the biggest game of the season so far and the Lions showed what a ‘team victory’ is all about.”

The Freshmen Lions traveled to Elgin to play the Wildcats on Thursday, Oct 23. Check next week’s Post-Register for scores and highlights.



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