Lady Lion powerlifters rise to State Meet challenges


By LPR Staff

Two members of the Lady Lions Powerlifting Team competed in the Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association State Finals on Saturday, March 20, and performed above all expectation – even their own.

At the start of the competition, 105-pound lifter Jocelyn Coleman was ranked seventh among 11 competitors at the

state level. By the end of the day, however, Coleman had not only shattered two personal bests, but moved up in the rankings to be recognized as the sixth-place lifter in the state in her weight class.

Coleman squatted 210 pounds and bench-pressed 105. She showed a true spark in the dead lift, however, pulling 265 pounds to set a new personal best and drive her total weight to 580 pounds.

Prior to the state meet, Coleman’s personal record was 575 pounds.

Amanda Wright also gave a championship-caliber, if not medal-winning, performance at the state meet. Coming into competition, Wright was ranked last among the 11 competitors at the state level. By day’s end, however, Wright gave a strong enough performance to move her into fifth place in the state in her weight class, thanks in large part to the force of confidence alone.

Wright beat her personal bests in both the squat and the bench-press, lifting 265 and 140 pounds respectively. However, to earn her medal, she had to attempt to not only break, but to obliterate her personal best in the dead lift. Wright rose to the challenge, pulling a 295-pound dead lift, beating her personal best by 20 pounds, and earning a competition total of 700 pounds – again, crushing her previous personal best, 650 pounds.

With the completion of the state finals, the Lady Lions have closed their powerlifting season. Still, coaches offered congratulations to the girls, and commended them on their strong and proud representation of Lockhart High School this year.


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