Letters – Council’s ‘Cesar Chavez’ decision questioned


To the Editor:

I wonder, after attending the March 20 City Council meeting why we are naming a street in the City of Lockhart and Caldwell County after a person whom has never steeped foot in our fair town or county?

If you look at the City of Lockhart’s web site there is a page dedicated to Lockhart’s History.

Because rumor’s run wild in our town it has

been said that this is because we have no large street named after the Hispanic Culture. If that is the actual reason I wonder why Louis Cisneros, with all his credits to this town, was not considered.

I have read the Cesar Chavez credits and they are not what Mr. Cisneros’ are, by far.

If this was in fact about politics, as was also rumored, I would hope that the people we elected would in fact not be bi-partisan when voting.

Please contact the members of City Council and see if we can’t have this matter looked at again, if you would like to have this changed.

Cesar Chavez was born in Arizona, lived in California, and died in California from complications of a hunger strike.

I am very disappointed in the fact that we did not consider some local history as posted on our very own web site for the City of Lockhart and the citizens of Caldwell County.

It was asked of the City Council to let the people have some input on the matter and this did not occur. It is a real sad day for our City and taxpayers, as we have several very qualified people in our City and County that should have been considered.

Please attend the next City Council Meeting on April 3, 2012 at 7 p.m., in The Glosserman Room to voice your views on this matter.

Oh, did I say Glosserman? Wonder why that name rings a bell.

Thanks for your interest,

Linda Bennett Hinkle



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