Letters – Reader questions policy on playing time


To the Editor:

It has come to our attention that there have been a large number of Seniors that, while they put out enough effort and practiced enough to receive praise from Coach Garza, they are still waiting for those abilities to be put into play, thanks to Head Coach Moses, who refuses to play our seniors.

My nephew is a senior and has not seen a play all y

ear. What fond memories will our seniors carry with them throughout the rest of their lives – that of keeping the bench warm?

As is the case with a large percentage of the seniors: his grades are up, he has not been disciplined, his abilities have never been in question, effort has been put out during practice but unfortunately, they still have not seen a play during the whole season.

For our Seniors, this year, as they say, “is all she wrote.” This is their final year at Lockhart High, and it is sad to say all they will have is the memories of riding the bench during their Senior year. And under Coach Moses’ rules, “you cannot question why you are not playing.”

I must reiterate as to what a great rule this is that has been forcibly imposed on those senior football players, such a sweet rule that orders our Seniors not to ask Coach Moses why they are not playing.

We could go to whoever is in charge of coaches for Lockhart High, but then again, we only have three more games left for the season. And I remember this happening at another school. The Administrator in charge told the concerned parents that she would talk to the coach and see if his seniors would be allowed to play, in the mean time the parents should just keep this under their hats for the time being. The Senior year ended and the ruse worked, the subject stayed in the back, football season ended and nothing was done except quieting the parents who complained with flat out lies, just long enough for the football season to be over!

I say we should rattle the fences. If you shine the light bright enough, the roaches will scatter and things will surely get done in favor of those treated unfairly.

As I write this, I am reminded of another interesting point. My son drives over 45 miles to see his cousin play football for his senior year and all he gets to see is his cousin riding the bench along with all the seniors.

Thanks, Coach Moses.

Why can’t my nephew play?

Steve Rodriguez


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