Lockhart shows prowess in summer softball league


Future Lockhart High School softball players have been representing their hometown proudly in summer league play.
Through eight games, the girls playing on Lockhart’s 15-under Bulldogs team in the RBI Austin program remain undefeated with an eye on the playoffs later this month.
Bulldogs head coach Jessica Henderson said the point of playing is to prepare the girls to be the future of Lockhart Lady Lion softball.
“As most of them are going to be freshman this coming fall, we knew we had a limited amount of time,” Henderson said. “From the beginning of the Bulldogs season to now, the girls have progressed so much in a small amount of time.
“They’ve put in the work and time and our coaches and parents couldn’t be prouder of how well they are doing and how much they’ve improved.
“To see their confidence go up, see them make plays they never thought they could make and the looks on their faces when they do, as well as learn what it means to be a team and be good teammates to one another has been the best part of it all, the winning is just the cherry on top.”
The Bulldogs’ regular season wraps up this week with two regular season games before the playoffs begin on July 26.
The summer league RBI Austin stands for “Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities.” It’s a non-profit affiliate of MLB RBI.
The roster includes Ajay Quintero, Angelina Santander, Kaitlyn Haley, Hannah Osborn, Savannah Perez, Makayla Molina, Mia Estrella Hernandez, Genesis “Gigi” Lopez, Amaya Gray, Emma Reyes, Caitlin Pardo, Kylee Ramirez and Heaven Cantu.
Assistant coaches are Jacob Mendez and Ryan Anderson, and Tammy Lopez is the bookkeeper.


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