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To the Editor:
What is HAM Radio and what do these radio operators do? HAM Radio is a means of communication using radio waves and is comprised of individuals who are licensed amateur radio operators working together to provide a range of communication services from assisting emergency personnel in the event of a disaster to providing voluntary communications for events s

uch as parades, and sport events such as the 50K run being held in January at Big Bend and the equestrian obstacle course competition that was held at Bandera earlier this year.

On Saturday, Nov. 6, the Hays/Caldwell County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (HCCARES) conducted an exercise to test the ability to provide emergency communications, assistance and direction to emergency shelter for both Hays and Caldwell counties in the event of a disaster in Houston. The exercise included participation by the HCCARES, Hays County Sheriff’s Department, Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department, San Marcos Police Department and the Central Texas Medical Center liaison.

On Saturday morning, Dec. 11, amateur radio groups from the surrounding area will be working together to provide communications support for the annual Sattler Christmas Parade at Canyon Lake. These are only sampling of the types of voluntary services being provided by your local amateur radio groups.

For those individuals wanting additional information about HAM Radio operations, you may contact Jake Creamer at

Dianne Shirey
Hays/Caldwell County Ham Radio Operations
Public Information Officer


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